Prince will never give up on me!

  • megamaxprinceName: Ouji ga Watashi akiramenai!
  • Author: Asada Nikki (Art & Story)
  • Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, School Life
  • Magazine: Aria
  • Year: 2015
  • Summary: After Koume’s grandpa digs up a rare earth element, Koume is suddenly enrolled into a private school for wealthy socialites, Crown Academy. But even among these celebrities, there is a “Prince” who is considered the celebrity of the celebrities… royal lineage, IQ 500, oil tycoon… with specs so high you’ll stand in fear rather than in awe…  The ridiculously overpowered high school boy, Ichimonji Hatsuyuki. These two who stand worlds apart, their first encounter is in… of all places, a deserted school toilet?!




7 thoughts on “Prince will never give up on me!”

  1. minosaur said:

    love this story manga so far!! i hope it updates soon! xD

    the characters are really likeable and story is cute an funny

  2. MangaGirl said:

    Waiting for the 2nd Chapter

  3. Charlotte said:

    I really love this series already and I hope that it’ll get popular enough to be an anime! Even the mangaka’s other work is nice too!

  4. When does this get published?

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