• Keep our credit and recruitment page on your release.
  • We’re only giving the rights to scanlate a project of a language to single scanlation team. Retranslating the same thing twice in the same conditions and ways makes no sense. And we don’t like competition, and I think neither do you.
  • Fill the format and send it as an email to
  • New Rule (03/Feb/01)!  If you want to work on a project, you’re expected to release the first chapter at least in a period of 3 months after you asked for it. We’re flexible but hogging a lot of manga by name while not working on them is not an acceptable option! If you don’t work on it in that period, you will be removed from the reserved project list.
  • New Rule (06/Feb/01)! No future projects would be reserved for retranslation. Why? The future projects are in planning stage. We have been getting requests of >3 projects that we havent even released and sometimes when people get to read them for the first time, they abandon them because they don’t like them (We’re not arrogant enough to say you’re gonna like all the manga we release). It’s just common sense.  


  • Name of your scanlation group.
  • Link of your group.
  • Project(s) you want to translate.

Taken Projects

There’s already a list of projects that are already reserved for another groups, so make sure the project you want to translate is not taken already!

[Check Taken Project List]


25 thoughts on “Retranslation”

  1. Hi!

    I’m the admin of french team “Manga Friends”. It’s possible to have your agreement to translate into french your project
    – Inferno

    Sure, we will respect your condition. We will linking you an our website and will keep your credits.
    thanks you very much,
    best regards,

  2. Excuse me. I’m Ita on behalf of Miu Miu – a Vietnamese Fansub Team []. We’re really interested in your Inferno, therefore we would like you to allow us your scan.We really want to translate them into Vietnamese. We’ll keep your full credit and homepage. Thank you in advance ^^.

  3. Name of your scanlation group: Neko Translation Team
    Link of your group: (we have personal website but it’s private, so sorry )
    Project(s) you want to translate: Scrap Heaven and Gokurakuchou Dead End

    Hope you will accept. I saw another group re-translation got permission to Scrap Heaven into Vietnamese but they’ve translation. Is that ok?

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