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We’re gonna try starting a single Novel Series which got interested a lot of our staff. We already have the first volume and we’re recruiting more translators to start it.  We also ordered the 3 next volumes. If there’s another group interested in helping us to release faster, we’ll be glad to accept the help since we want to keep this project very active.

If you’re interested in helping out please send an email to Mizuouji to “” after completing this test.


7 thoughts on “Novels”

  1. Are you going to try and translate the Leftover Princess novels too?

    • mizuouji said:

      I might start reading it myself and if i do; i might write reviews about what I read but i don’t think we’ll translate them. We have our hands full with Sugar Apple Novels at the moment.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I just thought that the manga seems to be skipping info.

    • mizuouji said:

      Oh yeah there’s a lot of things lost. For example, the manga completely skipped the second novel and went directly from novel 1 to novel 3.

  3. can’t you translate it!!!! *teary eyes* plzzzz translate it!!!! I really wanna read it!

  4. whitewolf42 said:

    Do you think you could translate the light novel series “Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken” or “Musketeer Rouge”too?!

  5. Or the one volume light novel “Akuma Hakushaku to Honoo no Otome”?

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