The End of Elysion – Chapter 13


zerosum june 018Eloping together sounds like such a good plan tho.

I guess you noticed but this month has been a bit slow… I am on the final line of my thesis and it’s been a bit hard to dedicate proper time to the group this month.

We are also requesting donations again to purchase magazine raws! We’re currently buying the Aria Magazine and the Comic Zero-Sum in order to scanlate:

  • Inferno
  • Ouji ga watashi o akiramenai!
  • Oyasumi Jack the Ripper
  • Shuuen no Elysion
  • (new!) Scrap Heaven’s sequel – Gokurakuchou Dead End

Shichifuku Mafia – Extras


CCF_0352I have no excuse. I have been delaying and putting this project in the back of my head while focusing in Aria and Zero Sum series… Same with Dangan Honey… It’s just so easy get lost into monthly series, you only work once per month voilá! The work it’s done!

I wanna compromise. We started these projects and we will definitely complete them. As soon as possible.



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