Inferno – Chapter 14 & Stage Play Report!


pg01Can you hear the sound of something breaking? I knew they would have a tragic back story but that was a bit too much… A part of me feels even worse for Snake than Cloud… With this chapter Cloud backstory ends and a new arc begins!! Big characters are coming and the plot starts to move.

Today we also have an extra! A mini report by Ruru-sensei about the stage play and even some spoilers for the future story if you squint!

We’d also like to announce we are still recruiting japanese translators! If you want to help out just send an email to:

Inferno – Chapter 13


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pg03Today we bring a new chapter of Inferno! We will finally get to know Cloud’s and Snake’s backstories and part of the reason they resent Noel so much!

And in other news, we are recruiting japanese translators for all our manga series, so please send an email to if you’re interested!! Some of our projects are really falling behind for this reason, please lends us a hand to make your preferred work go faster!

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