Oyasumi Jack the Ripper – Stage Play Special


aria june 123And in other news! The Aria also had a very interesting short report about the stage play! I wish I could had seen it myself, I bet it was lovely!

PS. We haven’t forgotten about our LNs either! Crystal is doing her best and okoborehime’s next chapter is around its 66%  (and already 8000+ words)!! Everybody send their best wishes to our translators Crystal and Raincraft!

Oyasumi Jack the Ripper – Cut 10 & 11


oya10Today we have a doble release of Oyasumi Jack the Ripper! And even more surprises coming up!

Chapter 10 is a special that was made in order to celebrate the Stage Play which was a huge success in Japan and chapter 11 continues with the normal story.

Next chapter will be another omake – a full report of the Stage Play!


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