Inferno – Chapter 1v2 & 2


ARIA_September_2015_006-7Today we finally release chapter 2 of Inferno and a second version of chapter 1, we had many problems in the translation department because of lack of  context, the russian and the fact the japanese in some parts is extremely vage and convoluted… We proofread this like 4 time I swear…  Also chapter 3 and 4 are a miniarc which we hope to release soon as well!

Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji – Act 12


01 We finally learn the truth behind the headless corpse and a wild card appears!

We also had some problems with this chapter because our usual raw provider had  issues with their comic zero sum, but now we’re buying it together with a different person scanning it… Although this chapter was scanned by Serya-chan, one of our friends, thank you so much Serya!!

We hope to release next chapter soon but we don’t have raws yet, so if anybody buys the zerosum and could scan it for us, it would be a great help!   We already got chapter 14 so from there onwards we’ll be okay raw-wise.


The End of Elysion – Chapter 7 & Omake


ZEROSUM_12_2015_214So the original plan was to release the omake of volume 1 and wait for volume 2 to come out but we’re getting he comic zero sum monthly now, so we’re lined up with the last chapter in Japan right now!

By the way, it’s very important: if you guys have the chance to do it, please buy volume 1! This author already had a great series cancelled, Bloody Junkie, because the first volume didn’t sell well so please get your own copy of Elysion to suppor this great author if you can! Thanks!


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