A Queen’s Conditions – Chapter 3


leti 2Today we bring chapter 3 of the heart breaker queen!

This chapter is called “Discovered Attack” which is reference to the chess move in which an attack is revealed when one piece moves out of the way of another. Discovered attacks can be extremely powerful, as the piece moved can make a threat independently of the piece it reveals. This volume has four chapters and we’re coming closer to the climax!

As usual an extreme thanks to the LN division and their efforts to bring this chapter!

Note: This chapter is “v2c3” but it was listed as “c3” in novelupdates, can someone help me fix it? I am not sure how the website works.

The End of Elysion – Chapter 18



01One of the reasons this chapter took so long was because part of the staff entered into B.S.O.D. mode after this.

Also, the next chapter will be the last one! We’re already working on the edition as well.

Oh! But in better news, remember Higan no Ishi? Well! Turns out that after the magazine ended serialization the volume version got a proper ending!!! We will be releasing the last chapter of Higan no Ishi soon.

Inferno – Chapters 10 & 11


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coverToday we get a double release of inferno!

I wanna give a special thanks to Berps from Traumerei scans for proofreading and giving extra context in the quality checking because the chinese has been a nightmare to us.

Also it has been noted “Coza” is the official spelling of Rikka’s family so we will be sticking with it now.