Inferno – Chapter 13


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pg03Today we bring a new chapter of Inferno! We will finally get to know Cloud’s and Snake’s backstories and part of the reason they resent Noel so much!

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A Queen’s Conditions – Chapter 4 & Epilogue



leti 2After a long wait, we bring back the end of the second novel with a release of 100+ pages!!

What was happening to Guido? What will happen now? All and more in a few clicks!

As usual an extreme thanks to the LN division and their efforts to bring this chapter!

Inferno – Chapter 12


pg01After a long break, today we bring a new chapter of Inferno! Aqua is back on its feet and we’re already working in a lot of things at the same time! Prepare for tons of LN and manga!

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A Queen’s Conditions – Chapter 3


leti 2Today we bring chapter 3 of the heart breaker queen!

This chapter is called “Discovered Attack” which is reference to the chess move in which an attack is revealed when one piece moves out of the way of another. Discovered attacks can be extremely powerful, as the piece moved can make a threat independently of the piece it reveals. This volume has four chapters and we’re coming closer to the climax!

As usual an extreme thanks to the LN division and their efforts to bring this chapter!

Note: This chapter is “v2c3” but it was listed as “c3” in novelupdates, can someone help me fix it? I am not sure how the website works.