1. When will ___________ be ready?

Please don’t ask, we don’t have a single idea when will anything will be ready! Most of us are students, so to be honest we don’t know when we will have time to work on scanlations, a this is a hobby, nobody is paying us for this and we take our time on it because we want to deliver a decent result in the end. So please! Stop asking! Becase: we . don’t . know.

Keep asking this won’t make us any faster and probably will just piss us off: Nobody likes to work under pressure and even less when it’s supposed to be something we do for fun! Especially when it’s related to any of the LN (which are waaaaay harder) we work on.  So any comment asking for it will be just deleted. If you really want a faster release, then you can always help us joining the translation team.

2. Where are the downloads?

We are a online-only scanlation team. We don’t have any downloadable material here in the forum and never will. You can find all our chapters on online readers as mangafox, batoto and many other sites now! We’re very comfortable having online-readers-only releases. We don’t have to worry for broken links or sites going wild and get closed like Megaupload did.

In conclusion: We think Online Readers are safer and less of a hassle for us.

3. How can I support AQUA Scans?
At the moment, we are trying to get funds in order to purchase raw manga, so even a single dollar would be of huge help for us. Please look for more info in the donation page of the site. Thank you very much!

4. Can I sugest new manga?
At the moment we are not taking new projects. But If we do, we’ll make you know.

5. Would you be interested in doing a Joint with my scanlation team?

Depends. Ask youself these questions first:

  • Are you okay with us having the manga on online readers ? It’s common that
    our online-only policy obliterate some scanlation teams distribution policies. So, if it is the case. The answer is no.
  • It also depends of the manga.

6. Can I translate any of AQUA Scans’ manga to my language?
Of course you can. As long it’s not taken. Check our retranslation page for more info about it!


12 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. May i recommend a repository dump backup like Dropbox or Gett?

    in short, a repository location that are primarily aimed at holding backup files online and not meant for actually distributing files to wide masses (unlike say megaupload)

    in cases like Dropbox (and equivalent, there are quite a few others now just as good if not better) they even allows you to synchronize files within the folder on your computer that you set… making it incredibly simple and fast to have online backup

    that can also be shared to anyone online… should you desire to

    extremely convenient and commonly used now in many places (Dropbox was one of the most popular one, but new ones now are coming up looking to outdo Dropbox).

  2. I know that there has already been a Vietnamese translation group for K – Memory of Red, but [ correct me if I’m wrong] there hasn’t been any translations from either group.

    So, I was wondering if me and my one other friend can translate your English scans into Vietnamese?

    • That’s because that group just got our approval, since we were waiting for someone went MIA. Please take it easy, translating is not easy and I am sure they’re working so they can have a good quality release.

  3. Ellen Wong said:

    Hi! I have some bonus page from Seiyuu-ka! These are mangas I bought that has side stories. I wanted to share it with you and Hope you are willing to share it to the online community. If you are interested, please email back and I’ll send you the images :) thanks!

  4. Gen Martin said:

    Where do you put the light novels?

  5. Thanks so much for the translation of the K manga. You asked for me to memorize the wonderful people that contributed to it but I don’t have a stellar memory so I’ll thank you here!

  6. Hello!
    I really love your work! And im trying to do a fansub (alone T_T) and i really like Arcana Famiglia but i saw another spanish group got it but here’s the problem: i cant found it inside their web (maybe im wrong, correct me if i am) …
    If they just stopped it, should i take the responsability of translating? :) And if i am wrong… sorry? >.<

  7. mackenzieb134 said:

    what happened to this group? i recently picked up ouji ga watashi o akiramenai! and when i saw it wasnt translated anymore i came to this website to see if it was dropped or not. It looks like nothing has been posted for a couple of years. did something happen?

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