AQUA Scans was founded a 27 of December by Kougyoku Ren (now Mizuouji) and Hidden Masked.

Our scanlation group is focused on one single key word: efficiency. There might be other scanlations that are focused on quality and pass years working in a single page trying to redraw a flower or stuff like that. We don’t do that. We prefer and try to have a balance between both quality and speed.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello! It’s me, Yukina! As you know, the replying function at my website is down so I’ll reply you here!^^ it’s been so long and seiyuu-ka! has ended, I read every single chapter!^^

    About boukyaku no shirushi no hime, the reason I stopped scanlating was that I cannot find the raws. I scanned the first chapter from a Taiwan magazine I bought regularly but the magazine has featured it as a one-shot and did not continue. There hasn’t been any news of it releasing the manga in volumes as well. I’ve been looking around on Chinese manga websites as well but to no avail.><

    • Ohh…. A shame. I was looking for chinese scanlation with the hope of more spoiler without having to download the hana to yume magazine… Well, if you enjoyed Seiyuu Ka, I hope you also stay with us to enjoy Komomo! :D

  2. hey, would you people like to take this manga series by RURI MIYAHARA ?
    its anime is currently going on. genre is SLICE OF LIFE and ROMANCE
    ahh not the usual romance we see in shoujo series . no one is translating it and if you can do or pass this series to some group?

  3. Hi there I was wondering if you would consider starting to translate k days of blue again. I recently got into k and started to the read the Manga but noticed that you stopped translating it . The group that was translating it had some computer problems for almost a month now and I can’t translate the raws that I have since I can’t read any Kanji. Thanks

    • mizuouji said:

      Then, why don’t send those raws to Kimoi? They’re not dropping the project, don’t they? Even if we released that chapter, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s double scanlation. We don’t want to work on something that it’s gonna be done twice in the end. Experience has teached me that such thing is stupid, stressful and unnecesary. If Kimoi ever told us that they were planning to do it before we started we would have never touched the thing. Plus, there’s the fact that comparations will be done and any comparation is gonna hurt. That was the reason we dropped the project in the first place and are not taking it back.

  4. How about Bungaku Shoujo to Ue Kawaku Yuurei ? >_< do you guys feel interested on translating it? the art and story is nice..

  5. Valerie Aubrey Luna Beatriz said:

    uhm hello>< …

    can you help me??
    thank you for understanding

  6. Janet Jane de Ridder said:

    Hi there! I just wanted to inquire regarding the possibility of continuing the translation for Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Light Novels. I, and many others, will surely appreciate it but I’ll understand if you can’t continue. It really was a gem to read. Thanks so much for translating both the LN and the manga!

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