Here are the mangas we’re currently working on. Usually we upload them on Batoto when we release them. We don’t have our own download area because it’s too troublesome~

If we put up a download area, it’s still going to be online somewhere so we don’t see the point — unless, it’s for your own collection but then we’d rather you not collect releases and support the mangaka by buying the copy and using our translations as reference so that he/she will make money and draw more manga.

We don’t have any policy of withholding manga releases for a period of time because we want to give you, our readers, the mangas you love as quickly as possible. (Besides, I don’t think people follow it anyways…) Also, uploading our manga on Batoto controls our releasing as well. ^^

As for whether it gets uploaded elsewhere such as mangafox or mangareader… Uhm… We don’t care! We can’t help it anyways. We just want to share awesome manga with you. As long as they don’t remove our credits page then we’re A-OK! ^^


1 thought on “Current”

  1. You guys are fantastic!! I’ve been reading your scans on heartbreak prinecess over on Mangahere for a while, but I saw that the chapters stopped after 17!!! I’m not familiar with your site yet, but I decided to look you guys up to find out if the story continues. Either way, I was existing to find out that you’ve been translating the light novels!!! You’ve seriously made my day! Thanks for being so awesome!!!

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