Okoborehime LNSo you thought that this would be chapter 15 of the manga? Well, you are wrong again! Today we finally can release (in a more online-reading-friendly format) the first chapter of the first light novel! But first, we want to congratulate one of our star proofreaders who has been with us for more time I can remember (and who also proofread this chapter for us)! Happy birthday fallinwind! We wish you the best of the birthdays and hope you are having an awesome time with your family and friends!!! Also, this novel made us realize a some mistakes that were done in the first chapters of the manga… We’re listing the most important here~. Some of the corrections:

  • Leti’s whole name is Leticia Elle Kreutzer and Leon’s is Leonhardt Zur Kreutzer and we will start using them in the upcoming chapters.
  • For a context mistake we thought the 55-bows thing was something a knight did for Karlheinz instead the contrary as it actually was.

The manga felt very info-dumpy if we compare it with the light novels and many things that happened in the manga didn’t happen in the same order in the light novel or just didn’t happen at all. Volume one of the light novels only has three chapters but it has the same amount of pages of a regular SAFT volume. The chapters are way longer so that’s why it’s gonna take a while to translate and edit so please be patient. And as usual, I’d like to remind you that we’re requesting donations again, since we’re buying the Aria monthly and even a single dollar would be a huge help to ease our wallet in order to purchase:

Everything is in the same magazine so it’s very important for us. Thank you very much! m( _ _ )m