ARIA_July_2015_581#This was going to be released yesterday but my internet was on a limbo that I couldn’t fix until today! I am sorry for the delay guys!

And before anybody asks, there were no missing pages (i checked!)  those 14 pages… are the only pages this issue had; how can they leave such a cliffhanger? I have no idea.

I really liked that they are taking their time with this arc but now it kinda feels like they are dragging this too much…

The good news is that in next issue we will be working three series of the Aria: Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi, Ouji ga watashi akiramenai (which is bimonthly) and now, hopefully two news series:

  • Inferno – I am a little worried about this one, it wasn’t released in this issue and the only info around is in the ad of the last one… I just hope it wasn’t cancelled!
  • Salon de Jack the Ripper – A new series of a triple combination; the writer of “Are you Alice?”,  the character designer behind “Gatchaman Crowds” and a new talent. I can’t wait for it!

And as usual, I’d like to remind you that we’re requesting donations again, since we’re buying the Aria monthly and even a single dollar would be a huge help to ease our wallet in order to purchase it!