Okobore 10 Well, it has been an exciting ride but unfortunately, like all fun things, it must end some day.

Usually in this kind of series, one falls in love with the sparkly bishonen, but in this case I couldn’t help fall in love with Leti! She’s one of the best heroines I’ve ever read in josei manga and I can’t wait to read more of her! I am really looking forward to the Light Novels, I even plan to buy them in a short future for my own personal reading, I don’t mind sending over some spoilers and maybe even scanning the pictures of the volumes I get, but as I already said, with our busy schedules, I don’t think this group can handle more than Sugar Apple’s Novels at the moment.

Volume 2 will be one sale on September so make sure to get yourselves a copy, okay? The more we support this manga, the more possible it will be for it to get a second season or who knows, maybe even an anime!