Meet the characters of the book, Alexis and Shou! (Art: Ai Yusura)

Meet the characters of the book, Alexis and Shou! (Art: Ai Yusura)

Before you ask it, no, this is not a release. This is a wake-up call to all BL lovers that are trying to learn japanese out there in the internet.

Do you like the boys love genre? Ever wanted to learn Japanese? Otome’s Way has found a way to combine both ideas with an original language learning material, brought to you by artist Ai Yusura and accomplished Japanese teacher Yumiko Akeba. “A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese” is a fun, flirty study guide with an added BL flair! The first volume, released in May 2013, introduced the basics of Japanese pronunciation and writing–including the hiragana and katakana syllabaries–as well as greetings, self-introductions, and counting. As a digital release, it comes complete with interactive charts, moving images, and audio guidance. They’ve even received rave reviews from Aarin, of Aarinfantasy.com, the biggest and most comprehensive BL-related community on the web!

  • “A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese 1 by Otome’s Way, is a primer for learning Japanese language…The first thing that caught my attention me was the idea of it being targeted to Fujoshis, which means the contents may contain BL elements. I was amazed with the quality of artwork featured in the first few pages – it is fully colored and in manga style too… To learn Japanese by yourself, like through a normal guide or CD, is not easy. You will have to always go through it in a daily routine, where it may get boring. But the fujoshi guide is not boring in this sense and you will want to keep clicking on the audio especially…”

But Otome’s Way knows that learning how to count to ten, state your name, and say good morning to fellow BL fans is hardly a comprehensive language experience. How good is a beginner’s textbook without an intermediate to follow it?

That’s where this Kickstarter comes in! We’re trying to get enough people interested in this visually tantalizing study guide to donate toward creating the second volume in the Fujoshi’s Guide series. After all, once you’ve got the basics down, you have to keep building on them!

Please Support this wonderful and revolutionary project for us!

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