004This air-girl sure is lucky. It’s been a while since last release, we have been having troubles because we’re ridiculously low on proofreaders, if any of you guys have English as first language and want to help out, please consider join us! Seriously, where are all the grammar nazis when you need’em?

Enjoy today’s release, Sakura Roku-sensei’s latest work!

On other news.

  • Ozmafia and a new series already on the oven!
  • We’re starting another new project with moixryu!
  • The 5th and 12th SAFT novels are already home but there’s nobody to work on them yet.
  • Chapter 13 of MOR is going to be a beach episode.

UPDATE! (May/29th) Wow! Just wow! I am very surprised for the tons of people wanting to lend us hand! Thank you very much for your support! We’ll be not recruiting proofreaders (and chinese translators) anymore because our c-translation and proofreading teams are complete. Now if I just could say the same about the j-translation team…