002After a long wait, Sugar Apple is back with the next chapter.

I hope you had a happy weekend and celebrated your mamas because Ann wishes she could as well. We learn more and more about the biology of fairies with every chapter and I just feel it isn’t enough yet!

And don’t ask when next chapter comes out because you already know how weird is the damn schedule of this magazine.

In another news, I got my Premium The Beans, but unfortunately was a reprint and I couldn’t get my hands into the CD Drama because it was included only on the first edition which is sold out and that was info I understood as soon as I got the magazine. Shoot.

The other thing is the 5th and 12th novels are on their way home already. According to the official site, the 12th isn’t exactly a novel but some kind of “omake” disconnected of the story which includes a lot of extras and illustrations with everyone as chibi.