Komomo Confiserie

  • Name:  Komomo Confiserieconfiseur
  • Author: Minami Maki (art & story)
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, cooking.
  • Magazine: Hana to Yume.
  • Year: 2013
  • Summary: Komomo is a spoilt princess who enjoys bossing her servants around. She has taken a particular liking to Natsu, the son of her family’s favourite patissier; so the poor boy has to endure every one of her whims until his family moves away to France.
    Years later, Komomo’s family has lost their social standing, and the inexperienced girl is left in the care of strangers. Around the same time, Natsu returns to Japan as an acclaimed patissier. How will their paths cross after their lives and positions have changed so much?

This series was licensed by Viz and we won’t be scanlating it anymore. Come one guys you know you want this series in your shelf. Support the author and buy it!



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