K ~Memory of Red~


  • Name: K ~Memory of Red~
  • Author: Kuroe Yui (Art) & GoHands & GoRa (Story)
  • Genre: Action, Supernatural.
  • Magazine: ARIA.
  • Year: 2012
  • Summary: In Shizume city there’s a legend about a red king with demon-like abilities that single-handendly created the Homra organization, as long as you get accepted into Homra, you can gain extraordinary powers.



13 thoughts on “K ~Memory of Red~”

  1. I really need to talk to the blogger who blogged this manga, it’s really ompartent
    That’s my twetter account
    It’s really really REALLY important

  2. thx a lot for all the hard work :)

  3. could i download this somewhere?

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