saft3Aaaaand another thing! today we release the first chapter of the third novel of sugar apple! Did you think we had forgotten about this one? We’re slow but we’re still alive.

A special thanks to translator Raincraft and our now retired proofreader fallinwind, I am really gonna miss you a lot!

Also, as you might know we’re currently buying the Aria Magazine and the Comic-Zero Sum Magazine in order to scanlate:

  • Inferno
  • Ouji ga watashi o akiramenai!
  • Oyasumi Jack the Ripper
  • Shuuen no Elysion
  • And many upcoming others!

These magazines aren’t exactly cheap and we’re getting them every single month, so we are requesting donations again.

At the moment because of some problems with my account I haven’t verified it yet, so the donation button will have to wait a little more but you can send the money to this email:


Even a single dollar will be of a huge help for us and would encourage us to keep working on scanlations! Thank you very much!