saft3Guess who’s back to finally claim her silver sugar master title!?

[insert john cena theme song]

Today we bring the prologue of volume 3!! Chapter 1 is almost ready too, so stay with us to read it soon! As usual I want to thank Raincraft and fallinwind their hard work … not everyone can say they translate and proofread a whole LN!

This is a joint project with our partner Icarus Bride Scanlations. She’s working on chapter 2 while we work on chapter 1 so please go check her blog too!

And if you thought the apple fever was over, you should check out this Gataela’s NPC. Seriously guys! Go check this game! It’s already on preorder and I can’t wait!! I’m a casual gamer but the art is beautiful! The character design is beautiful! I can’t help but stare in awe in every stream!