Okoborehime LNI bet you expected the next chapter of the manga, didn’t you? Today we proudly present the prologue of the first novel of Okoborehime!

This is not only the second light novel we start but also our 300th release (so of course it had to be special!). We want to thank to all the people who helped us donating to purchase the light novels and keep doing it with the Aria every month! We hope to see more of you guys to discuss and talk about this awesome story in the blog! We love to get feedback and every comment is always encouraging us to keep working on great projects like this so please remember to drop by, okay!

I also want to give special thanks to Crystalhikari for helping us out with her awesome japanese skills, fallingwind and shiningninja for her proofreading and of course, Icarus Bride for helping us out scanning this for us.