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Okoborehime CD DramaFirstly, I wanna thank to everyone who donated and made this possible for us since this novel was kinda pricey.


This is the limited edition of volume 9 (you can find the regular edition here). This novel is very interesting, it’s about a new prince, of a peninsular country (Napania which for the concept I think is Spain because his name is apparently in spanish, I am mexican so I can understand a spanish name when I see it and it totally was, which was kinda weird, he’s the sixth prince of Napania, “Soles de la Iglesio”, which it’s kinda “Suns of the church (?)”, apparently he was just appointed commander in Chief of Napania’s naval army and is visiting Leti. Seems like everyone in Sommevesle is freaking out because she hasn’t married yet and they are trying to get her one. If you check the regular edition you’ll see Duke, Leti and the new dude… (who looks EXACTLY like Ludgar except not a total doutei; I am sorry Ludgar but being one is kinda part of your charm-). I’ll be posting pictures of him in the tumblr later and posting them here! I have a huge hunch this Soles guy is gonna be Ludgar grangrangrangranpa.


Mizuouji: Craig’s voice really impressed me!! He doesn’t sound like an old man at ALL! It was soooo hot!! And for some reason I felt Duke like a very polite young man. Astrid sounds adorable though, as expected of the seiyuu of Free’s Nagisa. And Chiwa is just so damn chill as Leti! I loved her!

Raincraft: Oh god that cracked me up so much I just love Leti!! (I’d love to read those two whole pages in her diary just for complaining about Duke pffhaha)
Track 1

Leti goes to the south of the country for work as the next queen and takes Duke, Craig and Astrid with her. Once her work is done, they go to a mansion she owns that doubles as a rest home to, um, rest. While reading her diary she ponders what happened when she just started writing it and skims through to the day she asked Duke to be her Knight. She comments on how she spent two whole pages just complaining about him. While reading that day’s entry, she has a flashback to that moment where he flat out declined and comments on how though he doesn’t seem to be the type to defy his superiors, he sure is blunt about what displeases him. She adds that, at the time, she decided to make him cry one day, but it’s all in the past now. Astrid notices that Duke has a letter sticking out of his pocket. Craig realizes it’s a love letter and they both wrestle it out of him. Duke explains that when he told the girl he couldn’t answer her feelings, she begged him to at least accept the letter and he just couldn’t refuse. Leti wonders how he could easily accept the letter when he refused her offer so blatantly, and how is she different from the girl that gave it to him, then comments that she can’t quite let that go yet.
The next entry she reads is after acquiring Duke as a knight and all ended well, but then due to Duke Northtruth’s (reasonable) misunderstanding, he believed she and Craig were lovers and she comments that being unable to correct him is her sole regret, but adds that she’s glad that her united front with Craig against him went well. She has a flashback to when Craig told her a crown would suit her more than a rose and giggles, saying that it made her happy. She excitedly describes how Craig is the perfect image of a knight. Or at least he should have been.
Craig tells Astrid that the most important thing in battle is your last words before you die and has him think carefully about what they’re going to be, to which Astrid earnestly replies that he will, and is then conflicted by the matter.
Leti confesses she wanted Craig to be tough on the younger knights and ponders how he ended up teaching them nothing but pointless things. She adds that if you end up surviving after saying your last words it’ll just become a laughing matter.
Duke asks Craig what he plans for his last words to be.

Craig: If it were Her Highness beside me, I’d hold her hand…
Astrid: Hold her hand…
Craig: And say ‘Your Highness, the truth is… I am not your real father.’
Astrid: EHHHH?!?!? N-No way!!!
Duke: No, that’s a fact, isn’t it? That’s just a fact, isn’t it?
Astrid: Oh, that’s right.

Craig tells Leti he’d like her to shed a single tear after hearing his last words. She tells him if he’s just stating facts it’ll end with her saying ‘I see.’ and asks him to leave a more heartfelt message otherwise it would be hard to even sob. He comments that her request is harsh, and says he’ll rethink his final words. She pleads him not to pick something laughable, and to let her be sad at least in the end.

Skimming through her diary, Leti comments about the section that is around the time she made Astrid her knight, and has another flashback.

Astrid: The princess, to me, is an existence like that of Polaris! The unmoving star of the north. A sign to all who are lost, always shining in order to guide them. I thought ‘That person’s like Polaris, isn’t she?’ Yet, you’re not far. You’re a close and kind person.

Leti comments that her Polaris is Astrid. Duke overhears her mention Astrid and asks her about it. She gets embarrassed and quickly tries to cover up by saying she wrote in her diary that Astrid was like a dog. Duke is surprised by that and tells her that though he agrees with her, most of the other knights think Astrid is like a cat because of his ‘My Pace’ nature. Astrid comes along and protests, saying that he properly does his work with everyone. Craig then joins and asks Leti which she prefers, cats or dogs, and she answers that she’d like an intelligent and disciplined dog.

Duke: Hey, don’t look at me.

She says an employee for disciplining and caring for a dog is necessary, and that she could try hiring someone and I’m not sure  what she means by what she says next before Craig comments that she’s looking his way.
Astrid then enthusiastically says that if she’s a dog person, he’ll be a dog, and even adds a “woof woof”.

She says it’s not her hobby to keep undisciplined worrisome dogs, but for now all she can say is to expect that in the future.

Track 2

The guys are at an Onsen and Astrid mentions a maid said those Onsen can make your skin real pretty. Duke questions why it should matter to them if their skin was pretty, and Astrid answers that it doesn’t matter directly, but that he wants to see Leti all refreshed with pretty skin after bathing. Duke admirably comments that it’s quite the hobby he’s got there. Craig adds that the Onsen can also make you fifty years younger, which Astrid finds amazing, and Duke tells him that if Craig became 50 years younger he wouldn’t have even been born, and if Leti found out, she’d write in her diary that Astrid can’t do simple addition and subtraction, so he should study before that happens.

Craig comments that Leti’s diary must be quite the read. Astrid says it’s amazing that she’s kept that hobby for so long, but Duke says it’s probably just a habit by now, which makes Astrid wonder what Leti’s hobbies are and they start speculating (things like making sweets, playing chess, looking at paintings and playing piano). Craig then asks Astrid what his hobby is and Astrid has trouble thinking of something he likes to do at first but then says his hobby is exploring, adding that he finished exploring 80% of the royal palace and all that’s left are the off limits areas, which Duke and Craig find questionable. Astrid then considers starting a diary like Leti and Duke asks him how he’s gonna write what happened today. Astrid says he’ll write that Leti was pretty, or that Leti was cute or that Leti was… etc. Duke interrupts him saying that if it’s about Leti she would write it herself and tells him to give up on that. Astrid then asks Craig what his hobby is and he says he likes making sweets, playing chess, looking at paintings and playing piano. Duke comments that those are all Leti’s hobbies(or so they assume), while Astrid admires the amount of hobbies, which then gets him scolded by Duke for not Tsukkomi’ing Craig. Astrid then asks what Duke’s hobbies are and Duke answers that probably reading and chess. Astrid and Craig are unimpressed, and they start mocking him.

Leti scolds them for getting all excited and being affected by the Onsen. Duke insists that he just got slightly dizzy, which Leti explains is exactly what it means to be affected by the Onsen. She asks what got them so excited and Duke tells her they were talking about hobbies, which makes her wonder if it’s really something to get so excited over but just lets it go. She tells him to guard her diary and goes to check up on Astrid who also got affected. Craig tells her there’s nothing to worry about and laughs at the youngsters for getting so affected by the Onsen. Leti mentions she heard about their heated discussion about hobbies and says that she could imagine what Duke and Astrid’s hobbies are, but wants to know what Craig’s is. Craig answers that his hobbies are reading and Chess, which receives a bored expression from Leti. She says she expected him to have a more surprising hobby. He says he’ll tell only her what his secret hobby is. Leti wonders if it’s the kind of hobby you can’t tell people about, which Craig affirms. She asks just what that is, and he tells her that… The truth is… He intends to make visiting Onsen his new hobby. Leti responds with ‘Oh… Is that so…’ And Craig comments on how disappointed she looks.

In the end she says reading, playing chess and visiting Onsen is very like him, but asks him not to take up visiting Onsen as a hobby, saying she has no intention of letting him have an easy retirement. Craig laughs, saying she’s harsh for having an old man work excessively. She then agrees to think about his retirement when he’s no longer capable of shouldering Astrid and Duke after getting affected from being in an Onsen.

Track 3

Leti tells her knights that she’s invited to an evening party tomorrow and that there’s a certain job she wants them to do there, so she’s going to test them now to see if they’re up to it, and asks them to take it seriously.

Duke asks what troublesome job she wants them to do, and she answers that she wants them to escort a certain very beautiful girl and get her to like them by whispering sweet nothings to her and treating her courteously.

Craig: I see. Intelligence gathering, is it?

Leti proceeds to explain the test. She tells them that they should think of her as the target and try to woo her and she’ll determine who’s best. Astrid and Duke are a little iffy, but Leti disregards them and starts by telling them to imagine that they’re at the party, and has Astrid go first. Astrid says she’s incredibly beautiful and cute, and stuff like that.

She gives him 71 points. Duke questions her grading system.

Next is Craig. He says some pretty words which Leti says weren’t bad except he was just quoting some novel.

She gives him 71 points.

Last one is Duke. He asks her for a moment before they start and tells her she has a wine stain on her dress and leads her to a different room then calls for a maid to take care of it. She tells him he’s very kind, which he denies, saying that it’s his duty as a knight. He then says they can start, which confuses Leti who thought he already has. Duke then starts by saying the doors and windows are locked and there’s nowhere to escape so she should just talk etc.

Leti asks him if he even understood the test. He says it was to get information out of the girl, and Leti corrects him by saying it was to collect information without making it clear to the target or the surrounding.

She gives him 71.

When they ask her who the girl was she says it was herself. She explains that she didn’t have her younger brother to escort her so she had to pick one of them and since they all got the same score, they all have to do it. Duke then says sarcastically ‘Understood, certain beautiful Princess.’

Track 4 is the actors’ talk! :)

Edit: This new review was written by Rainy since her japanese is way better than mine! So check it out!

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