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Today is a wonderful day for us! Today we celebrate our second anniversary.

To be honest, I still can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, it still feels like we just started to work on manga two or three weeks ago.

This year we finished 6 series and we started a lot more of projects and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of my team!! I really love you guys and I hope we can’t stay having fun like this another year!

And to show you guys how much my team has worked on this year, we bring you a special release with a bunch of chapters of our favorite series!

Note 1: Witch’s Heart was originally a project our sister group, Ryuusei no Mafia, used to scanlate, but unfortunately due internal reasons they won’t be able to continue scanlating in english for a while, so they requested us to keep this project alive till they are back on their feet.

Note 2: Lumiel‘s actual name is Lumiere (Light in french).