02-03I’d like to talk to you about the weirdest word I’ve ever faced as translator: ゴーラトwhich I translated as Wrath in the first volume of paperweight eye. Yeah, I knew it was probably wrong but there was no other choice to me, you see, usually when something is in katakana (usually a thing or name), it means it actually can be translated into English. But this sadistic author thinks using czech, german or even russian names for his characters is way better. The thing is, I started studying German a year ago, and I think I can understand this author a little better than I did a year before and that’s why I can say that the official name of this wicked and awesome character official name is Widder (aries in german… why Aries? why not Capricorn? I only know that I am so done with this character name).

Odradek is also another new term, taken from Franz Kafka’s “The Cares of a Family Man”, and in this context, Odradek is how Kahrel calls each one of his creations.

Well, after a way-too-long hiatus, this wicked series is back to show us why you shouldn’t anger more an already mad and violent supernatural creature.

By the way, we hope to finish this series in January or maybe February.