You might want to know what happened to AQUA Scans’ Super Darling Scanlations. Fear not. Volume 2 is already in its way to my house. ALL THE CHAPTERS ON IT WILL BE SCANLATED. That’s for sure, so fear not… but that may take a bit longer..

The thing is, we got raws of one of the latest Nakayoshi with chapter 7. As you may know, chapter 5-6 is a mini-arc centered in Terui… (I am so sorry, I know Terui’s is almost everyone favorite. But I.CANT.GET.MYSELF.TO.LIKE.HIM. He’s like the representation of every manga pretty boy cliché ever. I love the boys, every single of them, but him. But this is not a post of why Mizu doesn’t like Terui. The thing is that we could: make a detailed summary about the mini arc (with the links of the chinese scanlations) and let the readers decide if they want to read the scanlations of chapter 7 after that. Chapter 7 would be on PDF format and wouldn’t be uploaded to ANY online reader ‘till chapters 5 and 6 are properly scanlated. How sounds that?

  2. DISHONOR on you for wanting to skip an arc! DISHONOR IN YOUR COW!
  3. since when our opinion counts?
  4. MEH.