Hello~! Am I allowed to post this? No one cares if it is not a release, right? Yes? No? Hmm… Anyways! Hi, I’m Hirika! I clean and proofread for AQUA Scans and also handle the techy stuff. However, real life’s been busy so I haven’t been around and that’s why I’m only appearing now.

Today, I finally had some time to tweak the new blog! In the future I will probably tweak it some more without warning so don’t panic if the blog looks weird when you visit — that’s just me experimenting with some stuff.

Today, I tried to make the blog more user-friendly! Here are some things I’m sure you’ll be happy about!

  • Re-arranged the sidebar and the footer. ^^ You probably only care about release announcements so I’ve arranged it so recent posts and comments are the first things you see and also the tag cloud. I moved the other stuff down so it won’t distract you.
  • Edited the categories of posts. Rant and Releases. We usually do both so it’s not that different but just in case you just want to filter posts, this should make things easier. ^^
  • Added links to all our projects on Batoto!!! Although the project pages have the summaries, details, and the individual links to the chapters that are meant for those who want to learn more about the projects first before reading them; most of you are surely already reading the mangas and just want to be directed there quickly. The links are at the bottom of the page!
  • Edited the older posts so that the pictures will lead you to the chapters directly! :) I’m sure most people here just want to see if a manga got updated and run-off to read it so I’ve also informed the others to do this whenever they release something so you can go there right away!
  • Edited SNS buttons! Now you can tweet, tumble(?) and facebook the post and share to your friends that we’ve updated that manga you love right from the front page!

And that’s it! I’ve also added some personal touches to the follow blog email and did some minor changes here and there that I can’t remember anymore. I hope I made AQUA Scans’s blog more fun and easier to visit for you!

Drop us lots of comments on batoto and here, ok? I’ll try to get a chatbox up and running here too once I find one that’s compatible with wordpress. :) Take care everyone! :D