Naru here and this will be my first actual blog. Thanks to Mizu for helping me how. XD

I just got back from my judgement week because of our exams and stuff.. Talk about academics. The week wasn’t over yet when Mizu handed me this project lol.

Straight to the point now. This is a new creepy doll project that have a mix of Mayple and Anorexia story. Honestly, the story is quite good but I really had problems how I should put the text because there it has a different story unlike the ones that I’ve been assigned to. It really made me think what fonts should I use and how readers would identify who’s talking so this really my brain SUFFER A LOT. But they say suffering’s all worth it.. ;)

So here we are, inviting people who loves MAYPLE, or ANOREXIA or BOTH or NONE OF THE ABOVE, you’ll gonna love this new project entitled, “Paperweight Eye”. XD