Chamberlain of the Azfareo

  • Name: Chamberlain of the Azfareoazfareo
  • Author: Chitose Shiki
  • Genre: Shojo, fantasy & drama
  • Magazine: Hana to Yume
  • Year: 2016
  • Summary:  A dragon provides divine protection for the Kingdom of Azfareo, but lately drought and famine have plagued the land. Failed priestess Rukuru is changed with caring for the temperamental Blue Dragon Yulius. As Rukuru gains the dragon’s trust, rain begins to fall on the land. The King, who gained the throne through nefarious means begins to worry that the dragon is gaining strength. It turns out, there is a royal secret! The dragon Yulius is actually the rightful King of Azfareo, and was imprisoned in dragon form by the evil King Gara. Rukuru’s kiss frees Yulius, who takes his place as the rightful king of Azfareo. (source: mylovelymangas)