Shichifuku Mafia

  • Name: Shichifuku Mafiashichi
  • Author: Terai Akane (art & story)
  • Genre: shojo, fantasy, comedy.
  • Magazine: Asuka
  • Year: 2013
  • SummaryAs a vigilante group loved by the local residents, the Alfano Family spent their days living peacefully. However, ever since the rise of a rival Mafia, dark clouds have been hovering over them.. “Go to your late mother (former Yakuza)’s homeland, Japan, and bring the seven strongest people who were once her subordinates.” Accepting this secret order, Leo heads to Japan. The seven people he seeks for are… The Seven Gods of Fortune that were sealed away in a hanging scroll! 




1 thought on “Shichifuku Mafia”

  1. Hi! First of all, let me thank you for your hard work, I follow a lot of your proyects and I love the quality of your scans! But I’m a bit curious about Shichifuku Mafia. May I ask if you’ve dropped it? There hasn’t been any releases for a while now, and I fear you may not update it anymore. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel like working on it anymore, I only ask because I want to know if It’s okay to be expecting new chapters or if I should not rise my hopes so much. I’d appreciate it if you could answer me, and thanks again for the awesome mangas you work on!

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