Dangan Honey

  • Name:  Dangan Honeydangan honey
  • Author: Tunami Minatsuki (Art & Story)
  • Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Slice-of-life.
  • Magazine: Comic Polaris
  • Year: 2012
  • Summary: Every little girl dreams about finding her prince charming and becoming a bride, nursery girl Rino is no exception. Precocious Rino falls in love with the timid and weak but very handsome and kind nutritionist Kazuki. And so carried for that love, she declares firmly “If you marry me, I’ll definitely protect you!!”.

Note: Chapters 1-4 were a joint with Moi-xRyu and we started working alone since chapter 5.

Note: We’re in URGENT NEED of a REDRAWER for this project to kick some life back to it.


6 thoughts on “Dangan Honey”

  1. Why it’s on hold? it’s cute and lovely. please continue this

  2. Hello! I think we can help you with solving the problem with redrawer. Frankly speaking I am from Cherry Manga, scanlation team that retranslates this manga into Russian. However I couldn’t find any direct link to write to you so I am making it in comment. I hope you would contact me (cherrymanga@mail.ru).

  3. Hello! By any chance, is this series still in need of a redrawer?

  4. Eastprince said:

    Hi! Is this manga dropped? It’s been already half a year since last chapter. I’m so waitinf fot it!

  5. Please do not drop this manga! It is so cute! We are waiting for the next chapter.

  6. Hi, when is the next chapter for this going to be released? It’s going nearly been a year..

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