• Name:  Citrus
  • Author: Ayuko
  • Genre: School life, romance, shoujo.
  • Magazine: Betsuma
  • Year: 2010
  • Summary:  Raised in the small town of Kinoto, Shiho is a 3rd year in Middle School. She loves playing piano and dreams of opening a piano school in town in the future. An attractive student from Tokyo, Nanami, transfers into Shiho’s class. Through meeting Nanami, Shiho’s world starts to change.



9 thoughts on “Citrus”

  1. *O* The same mangaka that Hakushaku to Yousei, yay!

  2. I only decided to check this manga out due to the name, and I’m hardly in the right demographic, but it had a surprisingly nice atmosphere. At the same time very calm and slightly anxious. Messy layout thwarts my attempts to read shoujo occasionally, but this one had clarity almost similar to shounen/seinen. In fact the art style itself could be said to have taken a step toward shounen style from pure shoujo (which might serve to make the characters look younger). The story doesn’t seem overly novel so far, but it was executed perfectly.

    Thanks for the scanlation!

  3. This manga is also really great! Hope to see the rest translated. :) Many thanks if ever!!! Keep up the good work Aqua Scans!

  4. It’s dropped? D:

  5. Why is this dropped?

  6. Blossom said:

    NOOOOOOoooooooooo….. *dead*

  7. Hi Cat. I’m not a fan of turning up on someone’s blog and just gushing praise on them . . . but the way you described your dream was a beautiful, inltiltgene, and very engaging piece of prose. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for cotrinbuting. It’s helped me understand the issues.

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