Oyasumi Jack the Ripper

  •  Name: Oyasumi Jack the Ripperjack
  • Author: Nao Ikuhiro (art) & Ninomiya Ai (Story)
  • Genre: Mystery, Fantasy
  • Magazine: Aria
  • Year: 2015
  • Summary: “I knew that eventually I would fall into hell―.”
    One day, young executioner (Monsieur de Paris), Edward, opens his eyes in “hell”. While unfamiliar monsters waltz in the place, Ed meets “that man who once stirred the surface―!? Ninomiya Ai of “Are you Alice?” and rookie Nao Ikuhiro draw a story of puzzles and resurrection, starting now!!



1 thought on “Oyasumi Jack the Ripper”

  1. I’m very thankful aquascan (you) found this manga and are translating it!!
    I hope you guys can keep on with this and not drop it in the future! Many thanks!! ^7^//

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