• infernoName: Inferno
  • Author: RURU (art) & Takadono Madoka (Story)
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Magazine: Aria
  • Year: 2015
  • Summary: Japan, Year 2X65, Tokyo. As the population continues drop due to a mysterious disease, through a certain incident, the fates of two young men, the orphan Noel, and Rikka, the heir of a distinguished Mafia family, will cross… A thriller, depicting the tale of their Bond of Blood…

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6 thoughts on “Inferno”

  1. anonymous said:

    hello, thank you so much for translating Inferno, it’s so interesting and I can’t wait to read the rest! your work is really appreciated!

  2. Umm. When will the chapters be release? It seems that the group hasn’t active since the last update. I was wondering what happened. PLEASE continue to translate INFERNO. Don’t leave the readers hanging like this. T^T

  3. truckkunyourhusbandwifeeternally said:


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