Super Darling!

  • Name: Super Darling!
  • Author: SHOUOTO Aya (Story & Art)
  • Genre: Comedy & romance.
  • Magazine: Nakayoshi
  • Year: 2012
  • Summary: Invisible girl Sakuya only wishes someone notice her so she can have at least a friend. But what happens when she is involved with 4 handsome boys in a curse?



7 thoughts on “Super Darling!”

  1. Love this! Very grateful your scanning this manga! <3

  2. ya me too…. ilove this ;;;;the guys are so bishounens!!

  3. i found chinese scans

  4. Thanks! Can’t wait too see the ending. ^_^

  5. Anna Mae said:

    When will the other chapters be released ?? :)

  6. yaoidaisuki said:

    Thank you for this project!! =D

  7. Thank you so much for finishing this project! :D

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