Paperweight Eye

  • Name:  Paperweight Eye
  • Author: Sakamoto Mano (art) & Tazawa Kouji (Story & Art)
  • Genre: Seinen, romance, tragedy,  psychological, supernatural,  fantasy.
  • Magazine: Comic Flapper
  • Year: 2011
  • Summary: Marie is a shy college student and also a doll maker. Then one day, she is trapped in a gothic mansion by a mysterious young man calling himself “Kahrel.” Kahrel demands that she “Creates the “people” who make up the world” for him if she wants to leave. The terrified Marie then has the dolls she’s made in past come to life, and are bearing down on her! Gothic Doll Fantasy!!




4 thoughts on “Paperweight Eye”

  1. I hope you get a donation, because it is an interesting series.:) I wanna know what happens to Marie.:) Thanks!!:) God Bless you guys!!:)

  2. Thanks for chapter 10 :)

  3. It sounds greatly interesting. I’ll get reading… THAK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE EFFORT!

  4. goodbyexhello said:

    Thank you, the manga is really interesting!

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