Satsuki no Sora

  • Satsuki’s Sky, Satsuki no Sora, サツキノソラ
  • Author: Sakura Roku (Art & Story)
  • Genre: Romance, action, shonen.
  • Magazine: Gangan Online.
  • Year: 2011
  • Summary: The people that are infected with the maka’s sprout, are fated to feed the flower until it blooms, which ends their lives.
    The maka -humanoid demons-, carrying its own sprout, are chased by Satsuki, and the maka known as Blue Rose greets Satsuki as a “Hero”. What will this encounter bring…?

Read now!

Note: This is the pilot (spin-off) of another of our series, The repair of Flowernoid, if you want to know more about Sora’s and Satsuki’s adventures, check The repair of  Flowernoid on our -complete- project section!!!


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