It Vorspiel

  • Name: It Vorspiel, Itto Vorspiel
  • Author: Zaki Mitsunori (Art & Story)
  • Genre: Shonen, Supernatural, Comedy.
  • Magazine: Gangan Online
  • Year: 2012
  • Summary: At the outskirts of town in a mansion, which is rumoured to house
    devils, live the masters of the household: the young miss (master?) Lily
    and the strange young master (a NEET) It. We follow them as they
    frequently carry out strange requests, request which normal humans
    cannot settle themselves.  Yet again, today, a young girl that wishes to find her black cat has paid a visit…

2 thoughts on “It Vorspiel”

  1. Hi! Since AQUA Scans has completed It Vorspiel, I was wondering if you would be interested in scanlating it’s sequel, “蒐集奇譚イット” (Shuushuu Kitan Itto). It’s first chapter was released on Gangan Online on 4/18.

    • We’re not sure yet. Shuushuu’s It is very different from Vorspiel’s. I think we’ll keep reading it before deciding in taking the project or not. And for me, Shuushuu looks more like a prequel than a sequel…

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