Himitsu no Bara Juujidan


  • Name: Himitsu no Bara Juujidan
  • Author: Hideki (Story & Art)
  • Genre: Shojo, Comedy.
  • Magazine: Aria
  • Year: 2011
  • Summary: A Poor High-school girl meets a magician!
    One day, a suspicious Ikemen appears in front of Saga Honoka, a stingy highschool girl. He continuously tries to persuade Honoka that he is a magician of a secret organization, “Rosen Kreuz”, realist Honoka refuses to believe him. A mean magician and a poor highschool girl; a magical romantic comedy begins!

4 thoughts on “Himitsu no Bara Juujidan”

  1. So far I’ve only read 3 chapters of this story and I’m already hooked! Thanks for working on it! If I may ask do you know how long this series is? Is it one of those short 4 volumes one or do you think it will be a long running series (I hope its the latter)?

    • We have chapter 4 almost ready, so stay tunned. Himitsu is relatively short. Unfortunately is only 2-volumes long. :(

      • Really!? Only 2!? That really sucks. I thought it had the potential to become a great story. Well, I guess 2 is better than none :( but I’ll still be eagerly (but patiently) waiting for that 4th chapter.

  2. How many chapters are there? This story is so interesting! I love Elvis’s personality, and Honoka’s when she’s out for revenge. Thanks for all the work everyone put into the releases.

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