We’re not a scanlation team that focuses on a specific genre. We’d like to try our hand in any genre. If you’d like us to scanlate something for you, we’d be happy to but we need a stable raw provider and an interested translator for the project. If the manga you suggested meets those two requirements, we could consider taking it. ^^

16 thoughts on “Manga”

  1. I started reading Seiyuu-ka and u guys are really awesome! great work in everything! please continue to be awesome XD. im looking forward to the next chapter :)

    P.S. what anime/manga is the girl in a maid outfit w/ brown hair from at the start of each chapter? :3

    • That’s Mayple-chan! From Mayple’s Afternoon Tea Time :)

      • SeaofSorrow said:

        How is the raw thing doing these days Aqua team?

        Is chapter 5 of Anorexia just that teaser or you are working on the real thing?
        Where did you find its raw?

      • We are working on chapter 5 [which is the last one released in Japan], but our translator is busy at the moment. So, we’re hoping to get more translators or wait for her…

  2. A hello from a fellow translator from another team:

    I was wondering if you would be interested in translating the manga “Tokyo Ghoul” which is rated as horror and seinen (sobu >.< don't speak Japanese)

    It talks about two friends who investigate on the mysterious death of some people and think it's due to the ghouls which could take human appearance.

    I have the raws for six tomes already :)

    Tell me if someone is interested and I'll send you the raws…

    • Aren’t Twisted Hel Scans & Pinoymanga Scans working on it already?

      • Yup sorry to habe bothered you. I was a bit late since last time and din’t notice they took it again… Thanks for telling me and sorry because I should have checked before asking…

  3. Could you guys translate Moyashimon?

  4. There are many interesting manga made by KYOUMACHI Hisa that is not translated yet. please can you translate them. thanks

  5. Hi guys! I have a request I would like you guys to pickup “Izayoi no hitomi ” and “Setsuna graffiti ” they are my fav and there havent been any updates on these two mangas from 2 or 3 years. I want to read them soooooo bad!!! Help me!

  6. Yuuki Cross said:

    Guys, I would like to request for Shinigami hime no Saikon – Baraen no Toukei Koushaku! It hasn’t been updated for years. I hope you could help me. Thank you so much! Best wishes on your team! 💙

  7. Hi, is it okay if I ask if you can translate Heisei Project: Imitaton Hero? I haven’t found any english translated ones and I really want to read it. Sorry for bothering you.

  8. Hello! When will be the next chapter release of Kaichou-kun no shimobe?

  9. Hello, I just read the last 3 chapters of gokurakuchou dead end, hope you guys are still updating it. If not, hopefully u guys can hand the project to another group. Thanks.

  10. I am really sorry to have bothered you guys with this but i have contacted every one i can about this manga. It is called “Himitsu no Ai-chan”, and this manga has been COMPLETELY abandoned. I was wondering if you guys coulld consider taking on this project please. Thank you for reading this (if you did). P.S they do have it translated in Spanish, but i don’t know Spanish 😂😂.

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