Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi (Novels)

  • letiName:  Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi
  • Author: Okiya Ichiko (art) & Ishida Rinne (Story)
  • Genre: Shojo, Romance, adventure.
  • Year: 2012
  • Summary: Leticia’s father, the current king, is very wise and knew that both of his sons have their own supporters and that if either one became king the other brother’s supporters would rebel, and the country would have a civil war. So he decided to announce that he will retire while he’s still alive and make his daughter, the princess, his successor! However, the princess doesn’t have any political allies. So she decides to gather a group of knights loyal to her and form her own “round table” before the day of her coronation. The problem is, all of the good knights who are strong and skillful and loyal have already been snatched up by her father and brothers for their own personal guards.

Novel 1 – Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi

Novel 2 – Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi – Joou no Jouken

Novel 3 – COMING SOON!!


124 thoughts on “Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi (Novels)”

  1. Thank you so much for translating this! I had to binge read Volumes 1 and 2. and I can’t get enough of this. Will patiently wait for your next update on this one! :)

    • It was said that the author was sick in 2015 and no manga had been released until now. You can see that in manga link.

  2. Thanks so much translating this. I really love this book. Please keep translating

  3. I started off with the manga a while ago and just stumbled across this over the weekend, and ended up finishing vol 1+2 over three days (I really couldn’t put it down!) Thanks for going through the effort of translating these LNs. Quick question: I’ve come across a few typos while reading, are feedbacks welcomed?

  4. Was this project dropped?
    I love this story T.T

  5. Is this novel still ongoing? I remember reading it somewhere that the author was not feeling well. Does anyone know anything regarding the author or the novel?

    • The author of the manga is the one on hiatus.
      As for the novel, it is already finished with 17 volumes.

      • So far :( It’s just vol. 2 here

      • @crystalhikari: you are the one who translate it, aren’t you? It’s a big thanks to you :) Hope you can continued translate it, fighting!

      • Yes, I am the one and I have resumed translating the novel as well! I was off the grid for a while but I am planning to stay longer this time around. I will be alone on this now so the chapter may take longer to release.

  6. I love you. Thank you so much.

  7. Hello, I have a quick question. Is vol 17 the last book or will there be vol 18? I think vol 17 is the last book, but rumors has it that this serie is this ongoing and will have another volume. Thank you in advance and I love the translation! I look forward to the day that this project is complete. Good luck everyone!

  8. when the novel 3 will released?

  9. Thank you very much! I will be waiting for the third volume! ^^

  10. I really hope this hasn’t been dropped and the ending can be shared since the manga isn’t getting completed but the novels do have an ending. Thank you so much for your hard work, it’s a lot of pages and your efforts are certainly appreciated!

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