ARIA_March_2015_325The ikemen queen is back (I didn’t make up the name but I love it and it’s cool)!! Is it too soon? Well, this issue of the Aria had 2 chapters, so here’s the second part of the re-start of the series!! I think we’ll get the next issue in 2 or 3 weeks so we’ll have a lot to work on!!

Also, someone stop Northruth! I wasn’t supposed to like him!!!

We’d also like to formally announce we’re super excited for a brand new shojo project! The title is Prince Megamax of Asada Nikki, I became a huge fan while reading Hoshigami-kun (which by the way, you also have to absolutely to check out when you can!) and when I found out about Asada-sensei starting a new series in the Aria Magazine, which we were already getting for okoborehime I wanted to jump on my chair!! Seriously, her works are honey for the heart!!

And as usual, I’d like to remind you that we’re requesting donations again, since we’re buying the Aria monthly and even a single dollar would be a huge help to ease our wallet in order to purchase Okoborehime and now Prince Megamax as well. Thank you very much! m( _ _ )m