SAFT V.2 COVERThanks for staying with us for this chapter! To think we already finished the second novel! I still can’t believe it! Most of the monumental hard work in this novel was from our badass and awesome translator Raincraft, seriously, if you wanna thank someone she’s the first person in your list; and don’t forget Fallingwind who is also working hard with us to proofread this monster! And even Icarus Bride is always helping us out with raws for this and many other projects. I still cringe every time when I remember what she had to do to her books for our sake. Thank you so much girls; this project would be in the list of my wild fantasies if it wasn’t for all of you!

Also, in another topic, we had a problem this month that we never had ‘till now, there were a lot of people asking the same question, some were polite and other weren’t at all, and sometimes people keep asking the same thing even though the question was replied in a comment before, and not only in the blog comments, also by tumblr asks and even email. The question was:

When will it be ready?”

If you really want to know: we don’t have a single idea when will anything will be ready! Most of us are students, so to be honest we don’t know when we will have time to work on scanlations (especially in translations), a this is a hobby, nobody is paying us for this and we take our time on it because we want to deliver a decent result in the end. So please! Stop asking! Becase: we . don’t . know.

Keep asking this won’t make us any faster and nobody likes to work under pressure and even less when it’s supposed to be something we do for fun! Especially when it’s related to any of the LNs (which are waaaaay harder) we work on.  So any comment asking for it will be just deleted. If you really want a faster release, then you can always help us joining the translation team!

  • About Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi

If you read the post before this one, you’ll notice the manga is resuming this month, we’re working on it from the Aria Magazine in order to release it every month just like we did last year, that’s why we’re requesting donations again in so we can to buy it every month. Please check out the donation section of this website for more information about it.

We’re also still recruiting translators to work on Okobore Hime Novels. Raincraft is trying to balance everything by herself but it’s too much for a single person, so if you want to help out please send an email to: kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com