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Remember that story? The one that was ruthlessly axed just because it didn’t fit the 2-volume format the Japanese magazine usually have? Remember! That one about that arrogant princess! Pretty, feminine, kind, but also arrogant and even a bit inexperienced.  You might also know her as the infamous heartbreaker queen. You remember now? That’s great! Because we have news about it!

We bought the Special edition of volume 9 with a brand new cd drama, and just yesterday (and with the help of a great friend) we got the first 5 novels of the series all ready to read.  I have been delaying this decision, yeah it’s easy to say no when you have pretty much nothing in your hands, but now we got the LN and even have enough proofreaders and that just makes a single spot empty for the team to start: the translator.

Translating a light novel is heavy but very satisfying, especially with a story as good as this one, the Japanese of this one uses a very clear (although it has very little furigana) and expressive vocabulary as I can see and using the manga as reference it should be even easier to understand, but it’s still no easy job so that’s why if you decide to help, be mindful of that. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we won’t help you! We have many translators and we would do our best to support you.

If you decide you want to help us you will make a ton of fans happy and even get to read this awesome story yourself! So if after reading this whole post you decide you still want to help, please send an email to kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com ; we’ll be receiving all the help we can get with open arms!