SAFT V.2 COVERWell, we had a chapter yesterday so why not enjoy more of the Light Novels today?

As usual thanks to Raincraft for her badass translation and to fallingwind for her eagle eye with the proofreading.

  • Note 1: This is a joint project with Icarus Bride. :)
  • Note 2:  Click on the picture to enjoy the pdf!
  • Note 3: I got some requests to make a epub but I actually have no idea how to make it, if someone wants to help out, can you send me an email or maybe just teach me?
  • Note 4: We’ll be taking all the notes and corrections when we make the volume-long version of volume one and  two (so we only correct once), if you notice any typo/mistake, etc please post a comment in the page of the LN and we’ll take all the corrections. Thank you!