Okoborehime CD DramaToday I come to ask your support, as you might now, Okoborehime manga is already over and the second and final volume will be on sale in September 5th.

And as I already said, although we adored the story, we don’t have enough staff to work at the light novels at the moment. Yesterday I was browsing throw amazon and  I discovered something, about a special edition of volume 9 (the latest in Japan at the moment), Okobore Hime to Entaku no Kishi vol. 9 – Teitoku no Shodan, comes in as a special edition including a CD Drama. Although we had our hopes crushed with Sugar Apple’s CD Drama till Icarus Bride helped us out we think we can actually buy this one and share it with everyone just like we did with Komomo’s CD Drama.

The Seiyuu Team this time is:

  • Saito Chiwa (Yona in Akatsuki no Yona, Aida Riko in Kuroko no Basket) as Leti
  • Maeno Tomoaki (Pain in Naruto Shippuden, Camus in UtaPri) as Duke
  • Yonaga tsubasa (Hazuki Nagisa in Free!, Sena Izumi in Love Stage!) as Astrid
  • Ookawa Tooru (Roy Mustang in the first FMA) as Craig

But this time the novel is a bit more expensive than usual, it’s a little more than the double of a normal one and also there’s the fact that I also plan to buy the rest of the series to cover them with summaries of them (since I can’t translate them all), that’s why we need of your support and we’re requesting donations again, even a single dollar will count for us since we need to buy a lot of stuff.  At the moment because of some problems with my Paypal account I haven’t verified it yet, so the donation button will have to wait a little more but you can send the money to this email:


Even a single dollar will be of a huge help for us! Thank you very much!