KC CD Drama 1 - CoverToday we bring you a Komomo Special! We have been working on this for a while, so you better enjoy it! I have been reading volume 2 and I noticed a bunch of changes the edition made of the magazine version, like the name of Shuu’s store or including more details like the whole layout of Meli Melo, the name of the confections in the story and the town where Komomo and her friends live: Mikamo.

I know I said we would work from volume 2 but once I got the real thing in my hands I just didn’t have the heart to debind it…! By the way, volume 2 is macaron themed; does someone already have volume 1?

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • CD Drama 1 – “Welcome to Meli Melo!”. And before you ask! Translation is completely unnecessary because each track is a chapter. Track 1 is chapter 1, track 2 chapter 2 and so. I’m begging you guys! Please do not share this one in other websites! The Cast of this CD Drama has Masuda Toshiki as Natsu, Hikasa Yoko as Komomo and Hanae Natsuki as Yuri.

What do you think of the seiyuu’s work? Did you imagine their voices to be like this? I totally recommend re-reading chapters 1-4 for this! I personally find Komomo’s voice absolutely perfect for her personality!

And in other news, we’re recruiting Japanese and Chinese translators!! Please send an email to: kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com if you’re interested.