002His name is… well, you just check out the chapter and discover it yourself.

The HtY Online is one of the most unreliable online magazines around. You never know when it’ll update or what series be updated or even if it will be updated at all. I really hope they get a better schedule because if the manga keeps following the novels, then the next part will be even better than this chapter.

And in other news relating Sugar Apple.

  • I gotta tell everyone I recently ordered the second volume of “Premium The Beans”, which came last year with the only CD Drama of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale existing ’till this moment… I guess it will arrive home around a month more. The Voice Actors of this CD Drama include: Akira Ishida, Takahiro Sakurai and Ookubo Rumi.
  • The second, third and fourth novel are already home and I’ll scan them as soon as I can!
  • We’re still recruiting japanese translators for the Novel Project.

And in other news, we’re still recruiting chinese translators for many of our projects! Please Join~ We don’t bite.