As you may have noticed I am no good with words. I always try my best to keep the posts as short as possible because of it.

I wish I was good with them, because today I am here again to present you the last chapter of Seiyuu ka.  To be honest I am about to break in tears because of the emotion

This project team was a huge one, many faces have worked on it but we have always kept this one as the core of AQUA. We made mistakes (oh god, so many mistakes!), we received help and also got bad and good critiques.

We started our scanlation group with this project as our main one untill we reached Japan until we decided we could handle more manga. Today we’re proud to present you the last chapter of Seiyuu ka-!

Thank you for your infinite support! We will keep working on our projects and we’ll be waiting for the next of Minami Maki’s works!

With love,

Mizuouji, Historychic, Hidden Masked, LegitLlamas, SimplyAnonymous, Dreamycloud, Sorasan, Hirika, Yukina-chan, Elena, Logsi, and the rest of the AQUA Scans’ Team.