Mama Bear Kusanagi is not pleased. How could he when there’s a new stray animal destroying his bar?

Most of the donations we are receiving are directly inverted in this project, so I’d like to remember you, once again, that being left without raws and no project because of… I dunno, 2 dollars. It’s a very sad thing, Don’t ya think so?

PS. We’re recruiting chinese and japanese translators!

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PS3. Next release will be Seiyuu ka or Shindere Shojo. Yahoo~!

PS4. I am not even sure if you guys are into RP (I didn’t even like RP ’till them), but check out these! (And no, I don’t run any, but these are my favorites, okay?).

They’re so perfect. You can blame that perfection for distracting the admin away from cleaning this chapter…