Honestly, Mizu should be the one who should be the one to post this but since she’s tired, she wanted me to do it. These two chapters are talking about “Origamis” and facing “Deaths” where you’ll understand why when you read them. And as for “German”, well, Mizu was having difficulties with the German names translated from Japanese. I’ll quote everything she said:

“Paperweight Eye’s German names are driving me crazy… IIIoTL. Wrath was the most “alike” of Go-rato; that’s why I used it. And the nursing one’s real name is “Krankenschwester”. That’s actually right. Apologize for me.. oTL”

Just like she said, I’ll apologize on behalf of her. So if the names were changed, at least you know who are they. And, on with the chapter! Hope you enjoy this double release.. ^^