Did you think we had forgotten about this Project? AQUA is investing more time (and money!) on this now that we’re almost catching up with anorexia!

K~memory of red~ is more of a spin-off about the Homra  and their leader than a normal manga adaptation, it has multiples protagonists and everyone gets a chance to shine, so if you didn’t enjoy a lot of Bandou and Shouhei like I did, you can count on that you’ll get more of Anna, Mikoto, Tatara, Yata and the rest of the gang~

The series just came out and is looking real good!! Enjoy this chapter together with the release of the first episode of the anime!

& please consider donate to help us to purchase the raws of this series!! Japanese magazines aren’t cheap but K is worth it!

Update: The chapter in mangahere, mangafox, and any other that isn’t batoto it’s corrupted. Ya know, stupid bots going crazy. Check out the original and complete version on batoto! I am trying to fix that, I uploaded the original from my computer but seems that is gonna take a while to process…

PS. Anorexia is almost done. Expect it soon, very soon. ♥♥♥