Witch’s Heart – Chapter 27


CCF_0165One of the things (which are a lot!) that I adore of Matoba-sensei are her beautiful backgrounds, how can somebody draw with such detail a world like this?

In today’s release we have a story of fairies, but not exactly the kind you read in fairytales, by the way, the next chapter is (finally!) a super-expected flashback!!! Why is this mangaka so stingy with flashbacks? I want to know more about Mika, Nina, Horlogue and Lumiere! Is that asking too much?

By the way, this is the last chapter of volume 5, two chapters more and we’ll be lined up with Japan! Booooya~!

Scrap Heaven – Oneshot


coverTonight we have a new story! Kuroe-sensei’s, who you might remember as Memory of Red’s artist, first original story!

It won’t be hard to see the similarities with the K’s manga but this one is completely unrelated to it. I really liked this one, and actually wish it was way longer.

Also, Yousuke totally smokes the same brand as Mikoto!

The Reason Criminals on the other side fight – Chapter 2


003+004Is just me or the chapters are getting longer? I am not complaining though.

This series is coming out weekly (in parts, aka 1/4 of chapter per week), but we prefer working by complete chapters because it’s way better for the cleaning and translation, we’ll be waiting for chapter 3 to complete since there’s only a half of it released in the magazine till this moment.


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