Komomo Confiserie – Chapter 21& 22


CCF_0046Sorry for the delay guys! My internet has never been this bad, I swear to change companies every time this happens but I never do a thing! Orz

By the way, we did some changes in the edition style, we hope you like it!

We’ll be starting 2 new projects soon so we’ll be needing more people, especially japanese translators and typesetters, if you wanna help out just shot me an email to kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com


Have a nice week!



Witch’s Heart – Chapter 22, 23 & 24


Queen Mika is the best MikaToday we got another witch’s special! We already finished Carnaval Glare so have some of Mika and her harem company!

With this batch, we have half of volume 5 down! Isn’t it great? You also might notice the quality changed a bit, that’s because we used volume scans, I think we’ll try them for volume 5 and then we’ll see if we keep using them or just switch to magazine raws instead.

Let us hear your thoughts about it; okay? ;)


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